Why Wayanady?

Why Wayanady?

Wayanad is not just a pleasure for the eyes but it is the unicorn of original spices. Even the winds in Wayanad carry the aroma of its much sought after spices. The location of the place, wedged among the Western Ghats, makes it a fertile land for the production of a multitude of spices and other crops.

From around the world, people come to Wayanad to buy its original and 100% pure spices, to enhance the flavour of their dishes and to promote their health. Spices do transform food to another level and undoubtedly, they are health boosters. They have the ability to fight infections, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, prevent cancer, improve heart health, regulate the metabolism, detoxify the body, lose weight… Well, the list can go on! Spices are quintessential for daily life and are irresistibly delicious.

The huge demand creates a serious shortage of the original spices in the market. Many make use of this shortage to sell out sub-standard spices, which are not even from Wayanad. As a solution for this malpractice, Wayanady has taken form to serve you get the best spices cultivated in the blessed soil of the paradise in Kerala, Wayanad.

Wayanady is an online store from which you can avail all the spices and even an array of pickles you want without any delay. You name the spice or pickle; we have it ready for you.

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